Orclander: the Gathering?

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Orclander: the Gathering?

Postby Dizzy » Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:45 pm

I was wondering where you, Ice, are planning to take the Occupation / Gathering thing? I'm intrigued, but at the same time, I'm a little worried that you might be complicating what is essentially a sport that involves throwing a morningstar around and inflicting various degrees of harm.

Maybe I'm way off-base here, and I know that I've been somewhat preachy of late on the forums, but I am trying to help in whatever way that I can. I'd love to see the fanbase of this sub-niche-community expand so that we can have LOCO-type-Leagues more often (7 humans matching wits with you instead of 3 humans and 4 bots is quite a different experience). I think, in my unwashed and unenlightened way, that accessibility and motive could be taking a backseat to role-playing and micromanagement elements.

Accessibility: Can we minimize or combine elements that require an Overlord's attention? If you only had to check in twice on gamedays and once on other days, that'd be fantastico.
Motive: Why am I playing this game? Dizzy's answer ("Because it's frikkin' fun! Look, the video playback is more exciting than most major league sports, and it only takes about twenty minutes to watch!") and the thrill of taking a team to the Elites may not be enough for other people. Fortunately, the answer to this issue is already halfway implemented: How can I spend my credits and silver?

Orcsports is a little pearl in an ocean of online entertainment: it is engaging (in that you can get attached to your digital aggressors and really hate the other teams' star players) and it has just enough micromanagement to feel personal without sacrificing too much real life. And it's free! Holy shit! What's interesting is that it doesn't fall into the two main online-game categories: (1) I spend more time paying attention to my avatar than I do to my job, and (2) I log in whenever I damn-well feel like it because there is no consequence if I take a break. Orcsports doesn't require you to activate teams to start leagues, but once you do, you've got specific windows to check in or you've got to trust in the assistant, which is sub-optimal if you want to stay competitive.

Before I get too carried away, because I might be digressing and tired, let me say that I've been here for about three and a half years, and I stuck with it through the rough patches while others seem to have buggered off. I'll be here, whatever you decide to do with your creation, Ice. So, I ask the other forum-goers if they'd like to debate some of these points to see if I'm the only one who feels that the game could, maybe, possibly, head in a sort of slightly different direction to try to attract more players.

Dig it.
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Re: Orclander: the Gathering?

Postby TheIceMage » Thu Jun 23, 2011 11:31 pm

Showing my hand (with gathering) a little early was quite the mistake on my part. It's not implemented anywhere, and I've no idea when I'll get around to finishing anything on it. It got uploaded because I fixed another issue on that page and accidentally pushed out the "gathering" version. Then when I realized it was there, I never got off my lazy ass and took it back out again. But the design I had made it all totally optional.

On the other hand, be afraid: I'm a role player. :roll:

I can think of some problems with having once-a-day team checking.
:arrow: Damage. Orcs get hurt training, looting and playing in the game. I suppose I could allow the assistant to heal the team between each or something like that.
:arrow: Filling in the roster before a game - there should be a time delay between the auction and a game running. I suppose auctions *could* run right after the games run, or right after looting if that happens right after games.... This is really only an issue during the early part of a season.

...and I liked the LOCO league. A lot.
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