Training Facility Strategy

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Training Facility Strategy

Postby randomluck » Wed May 30, 2007 10:28 am

Recent comments made by Tune have me wondering about various Training facility strategies. I'd like to add my two cents to get this conversation started.

(All opinions are those of an inexperienced Overlord who has never made it to Elite and do not represent the views of Brett, Orcsports, or most sane people).

First Off:
When to Buy training facilities?
As a newbie I purchased Training facilities early expecting to see a difference in my team. This is wrong, wrong, wrong (and just plain not right). Experience trumps skill most every time. That said, I am running an experimental team where I plan on keeping the same orcs for as long as possible. To be competitive, these orcs must train up since the I will not add new orcs to the team.

Why buy training facilities?
I buy training facilities to give a boost to important skills (more on that later). However, training hurts and tires orcs, so if your training your front line, expect to rotate them out early and often.

"Important" skills?
IMHO, the most important skills to train are GET, SNEAK and EEK. The reason I choose these facilities first over others is because normally my playing orcs will not benefit from training. Instead, I need to up my looting capabilities. Its much better to have a Merchant Looter than a Slum looter, and the difference is Skills. I think Experience has nothing to do with successful looting.

In this way, training facilities are a "long term" option.

Are Training facilities necessary to compete?
Despite, or rather because of, having purchased many of them (again, Newbie here), I don't think they are except in the most extreme cases. They can help "round out" an orc for a position who has all the skills you need but one, but by the time it takes to get them up to the really high level skills, experience has once again surpassed skills in importance.

Ok, that's my .02, not let's hear from you experts out there!
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Postby TheIceMage » Wed May 30, 2007 12:00 pm

Here's the autopilot strategy:

Spend gold on players and armor as you see fit.
If cash reaches 100k, the team is full and there aren't any prospects you have your eye on, pre-pay rollover until cash is close to 50k.
If cash reaches 100k and all orcs to be kept are prepaid, buy training facilities until cash is close to 50k.

Lather, rinse, repeat.
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Postby tuneloon » Wed May 30, 2007 2:33 pm

I'll throw a few things out there as to how I rationalize whether to buy training facilites or not. And in all honesty, it must be done on a team by team basis.

In one particular season with my Party Crashers team, I had very tough orcs at defense and goalie... that had 4's or 5's at Eek, Pound, Slam & Sneak.... but their Get and Lose Skills were at 1's (3 of these players were league leaders in interceptions thrown). I got these orcs at a very cut rate price, and by doing so, was able to buy both a Get and Lose training facility in my novice season (and I almost never buy training facilities in season 1). The team ended up losing in the finals in that novice season, and are on pace for a 2nd place regular season Div IV finish. They have yet to buy any other training facilities.

So in that case, even the lowest levels of training facilities worked out well.

My Enforce-orcs team is nearing the end of thier seventh season, and have all training facilites at 3, with one at 4 that has just been recently purchased. I may buy more after this season, but it will have to wait until I see what is available in the free agent pool at the start of next season, and how much I'm willing to spend for that talent.

All in all, I think that there are just a lot of different areas that the money needs to be spent on, and training facilites usually fall near the bottom of that list. They can be a great asset at times, but bids, loans and armor usually takes a precedence over them.
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Postby King Nerd » Wed May 30, 2007 3:00 pm

Well this was helpful to me. I believe this topic was begun due to my inquiries in another post. Helpful insights all around.
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Postby Dizzy » Wed May 30, 2007 8:27 pm

As far as all of you are concerned, I have only just recently popped into existence. Nevertheless, I can say with confidence that I agree with certain aforementioned comments:
1. Training is near the bottom of the priority list because the facilities are REALLY expensive.
2. Training up to level 3 will be my limit, I think; beyond that, the time commitment to increase a Skill by 1 is too long to be useful.

Here are a couple of other considerations:
A. I purchase orcs who have good Experience but crap Skills at one of the positions. (Example: Center 3, Get 1, Lose 2) Training those particular Skills up is a great way to increase his Sale Value by several hundred percent. Make those facilities pay for themselves!
B. I watch playbacks regularly: increases in Skills from 1 to 3 reduce visibly the frequency of interceptions, dropped passes, and getting pulverized. When your orcs stop ducking the fog, you see a marked difference in game scores.

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Postby bubbauk » Wed May 30, 2007 9:15 pm

i'm fairly new here as well. what i've noticed is that training helps in the later leagues. i've got a div III right now (in second) i've got some training basically in (here ya go dizzy) EEK and GET. Get seems to be horrible for me and defense. too much looting. i stay away from pound right now and focus on get and eek, even if it takes longer to train, i'm not throwing my money at facilities that i might not even need. hopefully as i continue i can see how high i can get these training facilities.
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