Still looking for advice

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Still looking for advice

Postby CrunchTroll » Sun Mar 30, 2008 7:29 pm

I've asked for some advice before, and I'm still having problems with my teams constantly finishing in 7th or 8th place. I've purchased or trained my players to have high eek, my tolerances are set around 20, my players only wear armor heavier than leather if they do have a high eek skill, and i try to have them healed up before a match. Anything else that will improve their game? Let me know, as I am sure you guys are getting tired of beating up on my teams :wink: Thanks
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Postby Dushlan » Sun Mar 30, 2008 9:18 pm

1) Leave the Tolerance at 14 till the finals then drop it to about 5.

2)Don't just pick guys on Eek. yes its good, but there are other things to look for the in the positions. e.g : High Eek on A Wing may prove highly useful if it has a Lose of 4 or 5 and a Get of the same, even better if it is from the right clan......

3) Look into the clans, they DO make a difference.

4) make sure your putting them in the right spots! e.g. Goalies are awesome with high eeks and slams.

5) Armour is good. Give Leather to all or as many as you can in their first season. Its not eek related! That poncy little centre thats scoring against you may be running around your defence but they only have to hit him once in good amour.........

6) Weapons: Knuckles. Knuckles for everyone. Their cheap and will give you a little more of a hit. When the cash is coming in from winning or looting, lash out and get a Steel spike or two for your lads....

7) Dont bother to much with training in your first season. Focus on spending it on armour, weapons and rollover for the good orcs. Season 1 is about setting a platform to build on over 3 or 4 more seasons......if you win its a bonus!

7) have fun...... :wink:
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Postby Dushlan » Sun Mar 30, 2008 9:24 pm

oh and if none of that helps, cheat! :wink:

Go into Games and call up an opponents came in the text form. Now have a look at what positions are wearing may help....
Bit of blood on the ball just makes it easier to hang on to!
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Postby tuneloon » Mon Mar 31, 2008 6:49 am

I'll chime in a bit as well on a few points to add to Dushlan.

Tolerance - for Novice division, leave it alone, but it should gradually climb as you progress to higher levels of competition. I start kicking my tolerance up around Div. III, and my Elites usually have a 19 or 20 tolerance.

Training facilities - don't buy them... at least not until Div. IV or III. They can be an asset, but not until your team is financially stable, which wont happen in the first two seasons. It also takes a lot of time to get just one skill up to a 3, so the return on traning facilities is slow.

Bid for positions - having a high Eek on all of your players can't hurt, but the same can be said for every skill. Know the primary skills for each position and realize those are what's important, but don't ignore all of the skills. A wing with high scores in Lose and Eek is great, but he'll never stay on the field with a Pound of 1 and Toughness 2. A Goalie with great Eek and Slam will just give the ball right back to the other team with a Get or Lose of 1.

Armor - Get what you can. Better armor means less of a healing bill.
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Postby randomluck » Mon Mar 31, 2008 9:48 am

Just curious, how are your teams doing now, CrunchTroll?

Pay attention to Dushlan and Tune's advice, they both know what they are talking about. I think reiterating Tune's advice on orc skills and positions is vital. But, above it all, that comment on his toughness is vital. Even in Plate, if an Orc has toughness 1 and tolerance of 17 or 18, then his game time will be minimal.

I try to keep all my orcs at tough 3 or above, preferring 4 or 5. The correlation is really pretty easy to get:

1) Higher Tough means more game time
2) More game time means faster position leveling
3) Faster position leveling means better playing orc
4) Better orc = more wins

So, toughness equates to wins in a rough sense.

Oh, and my best piece of advice, the only advice of mine worth taking: Don't get discouraged! If what your doing isn't working, try something else.

And the Orc evaluation spreadsheet mentioned in another post may help as well. Or at least get you a few ideas.
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Dizzy lets the cat out of the beans.

Postby Dizzy » Mon Mar 31, 2008 10:40 am

The other team cannot score if they have no arms.
-- Book of Brakgwar, 4:34-35.

Most historians seem to agree that this passage refers to a particularly high reverence for orcs with high Sneak, Pound, and Eek, and a fondness for metallic adornments on the boots and elbows.

I, personally, have molded my team into a combination of hitting power and staying power that, at least lately, seems to be working well: lots of weapons, lots of armour, no one has toughness below 3, generally good Eek and Sneak, and any line of orcs could potentially be my first line. No one orc is the key to the strategy, they're somewhat slow in advancement due to limited game time, but no one really sucks, either. We're a late-game comeback team... after we've torn the other team to bloody rags.

I imagine that the strategies of the various Overlords here could be simplified to rock-scissors-paper: they'll work well against one team but fail against another. So pick a feature (i.e. great-goalies-to-set-up-counterattacks-after-saves or a-bunch-of-fast-centres-with-low-armour-and-high-Lose) and build a team around it, focussing high bids in those areas (rather than placing a lot of asking-price bids or low bids on a wide variety of orcs). Sure, you'll lose a few games, but stick to it and you'll get good at it. In other words, a rock that is thrown with enough force will go through a piece of paper, you can't smash scissors if someone is running with them, and some paper is just too tough to cut.

My last piece of advice: if you have time, watch all of your games. Reading the stats only goes so far towards understanding the needs of each orc.

Wow! Dizzy types much but says little.

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Postby Brakgwar » Mon Mar 31, 2008 1:00 pm

some advice from Brak :twisted:

Goalie ...... Yes Eek/Slam ... but i have Found Slam to be far more important !! Sneak and Pound are not needed at all no matter what they are you take minimal hits and really do not return a lot either, But a pound of 5+ will help with the K.O.'s Get and Lose are important as Tune said. Try for a 3 or Better in both ohh and if he has seasons as Center its even better! (Seasons in Goalie/center)

Defense ...... hmmm Sneak/pound are hitting skills but you can easily go with Eek/Slam and just Block a lot ....... Get is Very over looked in this position ... and again lose is needed to not turn the ball over through interceptions. (Seasons in Defense/Goalie/Center)

Wing ...... again its a what do you want to do situation, what kind of overlord are you ?? you can go sneak/pound and try and Beat the other team to snot or Get/Lose (Lose being the more needed) and just Pound their goalies with the ball in the process score! (seasons Wing/Defense/center)

Centers ....... Get/lose/slam/pound/eek they really can use every skill but sneak... but Get and lose are about the most important. (Seasons Center/Goalie/Possibly Wing )

With that ill tell u Brakky always sets his tolerance at 16-18 no matter the Season!

I will rarely pick and Orc with 2's or less for any skill in the first few seasons. Once i have some training Facilities and i am in seasons 4 or so ill pick up players with even 1's if they have a 7+ in and important skill!

NEVER purchase an Orc with a Toughness less than 3 that u plan on putting on the field ..... i have plenty of Orcs with 1's and 2's on the looting team 8)

With all that Said Win/Lose it's a random crap shoot some times .... there are Soooo many Variables ......

1) Who are the other Overlords in the Season
2) How Aggressive are they on Bides
3) how Plentiful the Homelands is on talent
4) If the New Homelands is slim on pickings ... how good were last seasons Picks and your rollovers.....

You forgot Legs as well :twisted:

The other team cannot score if they have no arms.
-- Book of Brakgwar, 4:34-35.
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Postby bubbauk » Mon Mar 31, 2008 4:03 pm

I'll throw my 2 cents worth.

I tend to build around Goalies. I love em! the better they are the better my teams do. Its not uncommon for both of my goalies to be top 6 when I have good goalies. I Bid Centers next with high get, lose, eek and toughness. Then Defense, with high sneak, pound, and slam. Sneak more important than pound. If i recall, High sneak is how many times the orc will hit someone. That decides, (if the other player is next to me, should I hit him?) High Sneak, he will more often than not!

Then Wings. My wings are good Defenders, high sneak, pound with good get and lose. typical wings for me is all 4's on those. But don't bid on anything toughness wise less than 3.
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