Whats in a Defensive Orc?

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Whats in a Defensive Orc?

Postby Brakgwar » Fri Oct 24, 2008 8:50 am

OK with many Season under the Old Brakky Belt i thought id share some of ..... "My Insight" .... (So take this with a Brak is LOCO by his own Right ... grain of salt) :lol: :lol: (were talking Novice league ... just upscale for higher leagues) 8)

Defensive Orcs ............... What Skills and Seasons are helpful ....

lets start with Skills

Sneak .................. Sneak Determines how often your Orc will Hit other Orcs and how Crafty he is about it... ( Orc A says " Did you just hit me ??" Orc B Responds " Who Me? i was on the other side of the Field" ) Try to get a 3 or Higher ..... (With the New Clans a sneak clan orc Could Sqweak by with a 2 if he is Sneak clan and has a High Pound in Novice)

The Next Skill thats Important is Pound ....... Think of Pound as not only how Hard your Orcs Hit But when they Get hit do they Hit Back! a high Pound and a steel Spike Sends Lots of Orcs to the Regen Chamber :twisted: you should always try for a 4 or greater. ( if your orc is Pound Clan you can Sqweak by with a 3 )

Next in the Line is Eek ....... its Simply how Quickly your Orc Moves and can stay with the Action. i would Go with a 3 or better ( 2 if your Orc is Eek Clan ) With a High Eek your Orc Will always be where he needs to be to Block that Critical Shot.

Whats Next you ask... Get! Get is your Orcs ability to Hold the ball! a low Get equals Dropped and Stripped Balls ..... Allowing more Chances for the other team on your Goal :?

Slam ........... Should be a 3 or Higher if you want to be able to Block Shots at your Goal..

Lose ........ Well lose is only really used on a Defensive orc to Pass the Ball and not get intercepted so i would stick with a 3 but a 2 is doable........ ( how ever i have had Defensive Orcs Score Goales Before :lol: )

Next is TOUGHNESS you need a 3 or Better..... a 2 is Doable in Novice but Once orcs Start getting a pound of 6+ your Orc Can be one hit K.O.ed ::skull::

Now lets Talk about Seasons played and Positions.................

DUH!!!!!!!!! Defence is a Given the More seasons the Better

you can Go two ways with a Defensive player.... Goalie or Center (or Both if you want to Seasons them alot but its really not worth it untill your get Elite Skilled Orcs)
Goalie will help Intercept and Block the Ball, And Center will help Keep the ball from the other team.

Seasons in Wing ...... well it will help you Pass and Shoot in Rare instances.

Seasons Played can offset what Skills an Orc can get away with!! ( Examples would be 4 Season at Goalie can Push Eek to a 2 )

Hope this Helps ....... or just Chaulk it up to Brak hasnt a Clue :? :lol:
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Re: Whats in a Defensive Orc?

Postby randomluck » Tue Oct 28, 2008 8:25 am

Brakgwar wrote:Hope this Helps ....... or just Chaulk it up to Brak hasnt a Clue :? :lol:

Well, let's see....Brak, whose name strikes fear into the heart of Orcs everywhere. The most sought after position on your team when facing Brak is benchwarmer. Brak, who has helped me attain higher positions in the rankings, not from advice, but because I've played the teams he just finished beating to a pulp and now they can only field third stringers. Brak, the only player whose team had me reach a 5 digit healing bill. (Note: Ettiene was dang close, but fell short by a few hundred))

Obviously, the man, doesn't have a clue.... :D

Thanks for sharing!
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