Whats in a Wing

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Whats in a Wing

Postby Brakgwar » Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:20 am

OK with many Season under the Old Brakky Belt i thought id share some of ..... "My Insight" .... (So take this with a Brak is LOCO by his own Right ... grain of salt) :lol: :lol: (were talking Novice league ... just upscale for higher leagues) Cool

Orc Wings ............... What Skills and Seasons are helpful ....

There are two ways to go with a Wing. you can Build a Bruiser or an Orc who can score. You can also Custom Build an Orc to be a Mix of Both but this takes a few Seasons and Training.

lets talk about Skills and how they effect both builds

Eek ....... its Simply how Quickly your Orc Moves and can stay with the Action. i would Go with a 3 or better. (A higher Eek Seems to ensure your Orc gets hit less in the Wing Position)

Slam ........... I have noticed Slam to be worthless in my opinion as far as a Wing is Concerned. a Wing with a slam 1 can Block and or intercept the Ball as often as a Wing with a 5 slam. So a 1 skill is all you need.

Sneak ..................Sneak is not important for an Orc to Score... So a Sneak of a 1 if acceptable. You will want a Sneak of at least a 3 if your going with the Bruiser Build. (I Tend to go with High Sneaks in the Wings so they Hit a lot and let the Defense K.O. them with high pounds) :twisted:

Pound ....... Again Pound is not needed for a wing to score. So if your building a Scoring wing a pound of 1 is really all you need. If you are building a Bruiser i would go with No less than a 3 (you can Possibly work a 2 in Novice) as you want to Soften them up enough for your Defense to hit them with the K.O. Blow and put them out of the game.

Get ........... Get is your Orcs ability to grab and Hold onto the ball! a low Get equals Dropped and Stripped Balls ..... I would not go lower than a 3 in Get no matter your Build (I have gone a Novice Seasons with a 2 and a Lose of 5 and they get very few shots at the goal! as they never have the Ball)

Lose ........ you want a 3 or better in lose no matter your Build (you could get by with a 2 if Homelands is Slim and your going with a Bruiser Build) However i would go with a 4 or 5 in a score build. You need a High lose to get the ball past those Pesky Goalies!!!!

Next is TOUGHNESS you need a 3 or Better..... a 2 is Doable in Novice but Once orcs Start getting a pound of 6+ your Orc Can be one hit K.O.ed :(

Now lets Talk about Seasons played and Positions.................

We are back to what Build you are going with ...

Goalie .........From what i have Gathered, Goalie is Pretty worthless for a Wing no matter the build (it can help Block and intercept some but its not worth the Aging you will give your Orc to build seasons at Goal)

Seasons in Wing ...... well it will help you Pass and Shoot. Which is essential to a Score Build.

Center .... seasons in Center can help both builds, getting and holding onto the Ball. (but will Age your Orc faster)

Defense ..... Seasons in Defense are not needed in the score build, but are Needed in the Bruiser and can out weigh the skills.

Seasons Played can offset what Skills an Orc can get away with!!

Hope this Helps ....... or just Chaulk it up to Brak hasnt a Clue Confused :lol:
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Postby CrunchTroll » Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:22 pm

Thanks for posting this Brak, hopefully it was right on time as I have a Div I team just activating. Hopefully for me this will help me choose some better talent to bid on, and allow my team to be more competitive.
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Postby Brakgwar » Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:10 pm

NP Crunch its all about what type of team your Trying to build .... Keep in Mind Brusier Teams Work very well against unarmored teams, Which Get more scarce the more seasons you play :wink:

Most Peaple settle on at Least all Chain once they are in the Elites which is Fine unless your playing against a team with hmm say 4 or more orcs with a Pound of a 9 or better :twisted:
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