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Orc Skills

Postby TheIceMage » Wed Jul 19, 2006 10:00 am

Q: Are orcs from the homelands in the second season higher level than they were in the first?

A: Yes the Homeland orcs get better by division.
Novice has a cap of 2 on seasons and 5 on skill.
Division 4 has a cap of 3 seasons, 6 skill.
Division 3 has a cap of 4 on seasons, 7 skill.
Division 2 has a cap of 5 on seasons, 8 skill.
Division 1 has no cap. The max normal skill is 9, though 11 is achievable under certain circumstances.

Q: Is there a way to increase/improve a players Toughness at all?

A: If your orc goes to jail from looting a lot, his toughness improves, although he takes a hit on his best attributes.

Q: Why would I want a toughness 1 or 2 orc?

A: They're cheaper!
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