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Q: Let's say two people bid on the same orc. Harry bids 2,000. Bob bids 3,000. What will Bob pay for the orc?

A: Bob only has to outbid Harry by 1, so he would pay 2,001.

Q: In the bidding process, can you bid more than the money you have? For instance, can I bid 3,000 gold on each of 20 orcs (total of 60,000) even though I only have 25,000 gold in my treasury? If I can , how is this resolved?

A: Yes. You could, theoretically, bid your whole treasury on 20 different orcs. There are a few things that could happen:
1) An opponent does the same thing, and you each end up with a 25,000 gold rookie
2) You out-bid your opponents and end up with the orc
3) You run out of gold and can't quite cover your bid, but you still have enough to cover the minimum requested bid, so your bid is adjusted
4) You run out of gold and can't cover the minimum, so your bid is deleted

There is no limitation in place for you overbidding your treasury, but when the auction runs, your "auction agent" (he's the one with the abacus) knows when he's broke.
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