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Q: What does tolerance mean?

A: When an orc's hit points are reduced below this number during a game, the orc will go to the bench and stay there for the rest of the game.

Q: Should tolerance be low or high?

A: Hit points count down, and tolerance is the threshold at which the orc benches himself. The lower it is, the longer the orc will stay in the game. For example, let's talk about an orc with 60 hit points. If his tolerance is set to 45, he will play until he takes 15 (or more) points of damage. If his tolerance is set to 10, he will play until he takes 50 (or more) points of damage.

Q: What's a good tolerance number?

A: That depends on what division you're in, what armor your orc is wearing, what position the orc plays and the orc's skills. Novice division is the lightest-hitting division, but armor tends to be lighter there. Heavier armor reduces damage more. Centers get hit the most and defensemen the least. High eek will reduce the damage you take from being hit since you are able to dodge better. I suggest starting at 12 or 14, and adjusting as orcs come out of the game heavily injured (the red cross).

Q: What tolerance should I use if I want my orcs to play to the death?

A: 1.

Q: In the barracks, some of my players are in italics. What does that mean?

A: This means your orc's current hit point value is less than that orc's tolerance.
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