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Q; Can I train my orcs during rollover?

A: No. Training only happens in an active season.

Q: Do my orcs heal or regenerate during rollover?

A: No healing happens in the off-season, but you usually have enough time when the next season starts to get your team back into shape.

Q: If I get a new 25,000 gold loan at the beginning of rollover, does the weekly interest calculation start on it right away?

A: Interest accrues on Fridays for active seasons only.

Q: If I do not take a loan during rollover, is it possible to get one some time during the next season?

A: Yes, but not for 25,000 gold. Your credit line in a season is equal to number of games x 1,150 gold, so at the start of the season, you can get a loan for as much as 24,150 gold (provided you have no outstanding loans). Some opt for this since interest accrues before the first game is played. It works out to be probably a couple thousand in your favor if you don't need the gold right away.

Q: The amount to pre-pay is different from the cost to keep. Why?

A: Prepayment of orcs earns interest. This is figured in to the "amount to pre-pay."

Q: I fully prepaid an orc. Why do I need to pay more now?

A: The amount you prepaid was (unfortunately) based on the orc's skills and experience at that time. As they gain experience or increase skills through training, they will ask for more money. As the team does well, the orcs will ask for more money.

Q: I have an orc who is still tired a few days after the last game of the season. Will he start next season fully recovered, or as tired as he is now?

A: The fatigue carries over, but there should be enough time at the start of the season to allow your players to rest and recover as necessary.

Q: How long can a team sit in hibernation?

A: A team can hibernate forever provided you finish rollover and drafting activities. The team list page will tell you when the team is hibernating versus needing some sort of attention.
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