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This post is a consolidation of all other FAQ posts in one place for ease of printing/saving/reading.

Q: How does silver work?

A: You get Silver just for playing a full season, or it could be awarded as a result of other site activities.
When your league finishes, you receive silver according to your place.

:arrow: 1st place gets 75 silver.
:arrow: 2nd place gets 50.
:arrow: 3rd gets 30.
:arrow: 4th gets 20.
:arrow: Everyone else gets 10 silver.

Q: What can I do with my silver?

A: Right now, there is nothing to spend silver on. Collect it and when there is something to spend it on, you'll have a bunch of it.

Q: What is a Credit?

A: 1 Credit = 100 silver.

Undefeated Teams
Q: Has anybody ever gone a whole season without losing?

A: Take a look at the overlord's standings page -

At the bottom on the left is a list of teams that have had undefeated seasons ever since this has been tracked by the system.

Q: What happens if your entire team sits out a game because they're in jail, dead, or marked as non-playing?

A: You forfeit the game (and collect no income). Opponent is credited with a win (and collects normal winning income). By contrast, if you have a single, sacrificial orc on the field for you, the game is played out, and you get gold for (probably) losing. The opponent gets inflated stats for goal scoring. Note that points for is the tiebreaker to determine who gets into the playoffs if there is a tie in IQ.

Q: What does plus-minus mean, and how is it figured?

A: If you are on the field when the opponent scores a one-point goal, your +/- gets a -1. If you are on the field when the opponent scores a three-point goal, your +/- gets a -3.

If you are on the field when your team scores a one-point goal, your +/- gets a +1. If you are on the field when your team scores a three-point goal, your +/- gets a +3.

Plus/minus is just a sum of all this.

Team Standings
Q: What does it mean when a team is highlighted in pinkish/red on the Standing Page?

A: That team has been eliminated from playoff contention. They simply can't get into the top 4.

Looting Standings
Q: In the looting standings, what does each gold ball with a blue star represent?

A: Looting standings are relative to the lowest in the league. If you have the blue star, that's 10x. The gold ball is 5x. The coins are 1x. If you have 2 coins and the lowest person has 1 coin, you have looted twice as much.

Gold Pile
Q: In the general treasury image (the piles of gold), one of the teams in my league appears to have a boat or something amidst all the cash. What is that?

A: That would be a buried chest, proudly displaying my lack of graphic artist ability!

Injuries and the Bench
Q: In my last game, all my orcs were healed going in, but now my assigned players AND my benched players are injured. How did this happen?

A: Players on the bench will get into the game if all your assigned players are too injured or tired to go on, so your whole team can potentially become injured after a game. The only way to keep an orc out of the game completely is to mark him as non-playing. Click on the orc in question and look for the beer mug. If this is checked, the orc won't play.

Training page and Prison Time
Q: On the Training page where the players are listed by time played, some of my opponents are in Red text (while mine are Green and most are Black). What does the Red mean?

A: The orc in red is close to attaining the next season of experience.

Q: What happens to an orc who already has more than half the time in training for a skill when the full tier is purchased?

A: On the next training day, the orc's skill would be increased. This can happen even if the orc is not enrolled in any training at that time.

Q: Do orcs still loot and play while they are training?

A: Yes. Watch their fatigue levels, though!

Q: Do I keep my training facilities after the season is over?

A: Yes. Training facilities are permanent. And expensive. They are not recommended for novice teams.

Q: The training page says, "After 10 days in prison, orcs lose 1 from highest of Get, Lose, Eek or Slam." Does this take place when the orc gets his 10th prison day or when he gets his 11th?

A: The tenth day is the trigger.

Q: If more than one of Get, Lose, Eek and Slam are highest and equal, which is reduced?

A: It's random if there is a tie.

Orc Skills
Q: Are orcs from the homelands in the second season higher level than they were in the first?

A: Yes the Homeland orcs get better by division.
Novice has a cap of 2 on seasons and 5 on skill.
Division 4 has a cap of 3 seasons, 6 skill.
Division 3 has a cap of 4 on seasons, 7 skill.
Division 2 has a cap of 5 on seasons, 8 skill.
Division 1 has no cap. The max normal skill is 9, though 11 is achievable under certain circumstances.

Q: Is there a way to increase/improve a players Toughness at all?

A: If your orc goes to jail from looting a lot, his toughness improves, although he takes a hit on his best attributes.

Q: Why would I want a toughness 1 or 2 orc?

A: They're cheaper!

Orcs Gaining Experience
Q: If I have a guy who has 98/100 minutes toward his next level, does he play at a higher level 2 minutes into his game time, or does it wait to update after the game is over?

A: The improvement will be after the game in which the orc reaches that level. In other words, this upcoming game will be at the old experience level.

Team Activation
Q: How long after you ask to start a season until your team comes out of hibernation and can start bidding and such?

A: The amount of time varies based on the division. If you're looking for a II-B or I-B league, it takes much longer because there aren't nearly as many teams that qualify for that division. The same is true of the Elite division. Most of the other leagues will typically fill in within two weeks. Novice lately has been the fastest, taking between 2 and 5 days to fill up.

Q: The division I'm waiting for says that there are more than 8 teams waiting to go, but the league hasn't started yet. Why?

A: Sometimes, a single player will request activation on several teams for the same division at the same time, so even though the count of teams requesting activation is over 8, no league will start since each player is allowed only one team. Otherwise, leagues start overnight (Denver time).

Q: Does wearing armor help protect looters from getting hurt?

A: Yes - it reduces the damage taken in the same way as it reduces damage in-game. There is a slight effect from the armor on getting caught. Metallic armor makes more noise. Rope is more quiet and can be used to help get in and out. But I emphasize "slight." It probably doesn't make sense to change all your orcs into rope armor just to loot every night.

Q: Let's say two people bid on the same orc. Harry bids 2,000. Bob bids 3,000. What will Bob pay for the orc?

A: Bob only has to outbid Harry by 1, so he would pay 2,001.

Q: In the bidding process, can you bid more than the money you have? For instance, can I bid 3,000 gold on each of 20 orcs (total of 60,000) even though I only have 25,000 gold in my treasury? If I can , how is this resolved?

A: Yes. You could, theoretically, bid your whole treasury on 20 different orcs. There are a few things that could happen:
1) An opponent does the same thing, and you each end up with a 25,000 gold rookie
2) You out-bid your opponents and end up with the orc
3) You run out of gold and can't quite cover your bid, but you still have enough to cover the minimum requested bid, so your bid is adjusted
4) You run out of gold and can't cover the minimum, so your bid is deleted

There is no limitation in place for you overbidding your treasury, but when the auction runs, your "auction agent" (he's the one with the abacus) knows when he's broke.

Player Notes
Q: What does the little musical note do?

A: Hover your mouse over it. There should be a comment there.

Q: The comment says "bench goalie." Does this mean I can't use him on my first line?

A: Comments are not automatically erased when an orc is sold, so this comment could have come from another overlord.

Q: What's the difference between the two musical notes?

A: The normal one is for when there is a comment entered on this orc. The italicized one is when there is an auto-comment (with or without a normal comment), which comes from the orc being on some top ten list in the league.

Q: Where do I enter a comment on an orc?

A: Click on the orc and scroll down past the in-game statistics (but before the orc's historical statistics). There is a place to enter notes.

Q: Does fatigue count up or down?

A: Fatigue counts up.

Q: What do the icons mean?

A: The red eye means your fatigue is between 34 and 66. The Zzz means your fatigue is above 66. No icon means your fatigue is below 33 (not visibly tired).

Q: What will make my orc tired?

A: Playing in a game, looting and training increase an orc's fatigue level.

Q: How can I get rid of fatigue?

A: Fatigue goes down daily. You can rest your orc (no playing, looting or training activities) and fatigue will be reduced. For play time, you might also try putting the orc on the 3rd line instead of the 1st so that he plays less. Further, you can give your orc OrcAde if he is injured. Each OrcAde reduces fatigue by 1. Each PureAde reduces fatigue by 4. If you summon the healer, fatigue is reduced by one for every 5 points the healer heals.

Q: In my game, there was a time when some of my opponents stood on the side of the field and watched. Why do they do this?

A: They were essentially beaten into submission and were hanging around their bench to see if any of them were going to go back into the game. Apparently, none of them did.

See also:

Q: What does tolerance mean?

A: When an orc's hit points are reduced below this number during a game, the orc will go to the bench and stay there for the rest of the game.

Q: What's a good tolerance number?

A: That depends on what division you're in, what armor your orc is wearing, what position the orc plays and the orc's skills. Novice division is the lightest-hitting division, but armor tends to be lighter there. Heavier armor reduces damage more. Centers get hit the most and defensemen the least. High eek will reduce the damage you take from being hit since you are able to dodge better. I suggest starting at 12 or 14, and adjusting as orcs come out of the game heavily injured (the red cross).

Q: What tolerance should I use if I want my orcs to play to the death?

A: 1.

Q: In the barracks, some of my players are in italics. What does that mean?

A: This means your orc's current hit point value is less than that orc's tolerance.

Q: If I've looted myself a nice shiny plate mail helmet but I don't want to encumber a forward with plate mail slowness, can I dress him in leather except for the head in plate?

A: Yes.

Q: Will that be somewhere between chain and leather effectively?

A: It's about halfway between a suit of leather and a suit of chain.

Q: Will that slow the orc down?

A: It has an impact, but not too noticeable. The strategy guide ( says it would make your orc 2 minutes 48 seconds slower running 2 miles. [Editor's note: On the other hand, the strategy guide needs to be redone. Some of the stuff in there just isn't true any more.]

The Herald
Q: Where does the Star Rating in the herald come from?

A: The star rating in the Herald is based on the star rating of all your individual players. That rating is simply a idea of where their stats are compared to other players in the league.

Orc Value
Q: If I train my orc, does his value go up?

A: Calculated value is based on skills and experience. There is a minimum of 200 gold for orc value, though. If your orc isn't worth quite 200 before and after training, there would be no change in value.

Q: My orc's calculated value is very high, but I don't have to pay much to keep him. Why?

A: Value to keep can't exceed ~1.5 times the price you paid, so if your orc goes up hugely in calculated value in a season, you probably won't have to pay the full price. Sale value is not affected.

Q: Could you tell us what exactly goes into the orc's value calculation?

A: No. I mean, it's not like I don't know, it's just that I'm not going to tell you.

Q: How is sale price figured?

A: Sale value is 85% of the purchase price. Further, sale value is 0 if the orc is dead, and about 43% if the orc is in prison (85% of 50%).

Q: Do steel weapons do more damage than iron/brass/bronze or are they simply less likely to break during the match?

A: Steel weapons do more damage AND are less likely to break.

Q: Which should I buy first: Weapons or armor?

A: Armor!!

Server Schedule
Q: Which happens first, looting or healing?

A: Healing first, then looting.

Q: Do orcs who are looting also get overnight healing?

A: Yes, but it is at a reduced rate.

Q: How many teams can make the playoffs?

A: The top 4 teams are put into the playoffs.

Q: How are the playoffs structured?

A: The first round is a best-of-three series between the #1 and #4 teams, and the #2 and #3 teams. The winners play a best-of-three series for first and second place determination. The losers play a single game for third and fourth place determination.

Q: If there is a tie in the post-season, how is the best of three series decided?

A: The scheduler should schedule another game and ignore the tie.

Q: Speaking of ties, how does the game decide who gets what playoff position if there's a tie for 4th, or 3rd or 2nd or whatever in the league at the end of the season?

A: Points For is the tiebreaker.

Q: What are the flashes that happen during the playback?

A: Someone got hit.

Q: If the flash is blue, who hit and who got hit?

A: The color corresponds to the team that did the hitting. The hit counter just below the score should keep track of how many there were.

Q: This is my first season, but some of the orcs in the homeland have already played. Did they come from other teams or is this "fake" experience?

A: They came from other teams. There is a single pool of orcs that rotate through leagues.

Q: Wait, a single pool of orcs - does that mean I'm competing with every other team in the auctions?

A: No. You are competing only against teams in your league.

Q: Some of them have armor. Do I get the armor if I win them in auction?

A: Yes.

Q: What do orcs cost? What should I expect to pay?

A: That depends on a LOT of factors. To give you an example, I have an Elite team where my most expensive cost to keep is 21,827 gold. The average is 5,341, and median is 3,986. My Division III team has a most expensive player at 7,470, an average of 2,627, and median of 2,187. The computer has a team that made the playoffs in a novice league. The most expensive orc is 946 gold. The average is 322 gold. The median is 214 gold.

Q: Will the orcs in the homelands in my second season be the same orcs as were there in my first season?

A: While there might be some that are the same, most will be different.

Aging Orcs
Q: What exactly does the age modifier modify?

A: An Orcs performance drops slightly as the age modifier increases. It doesn't affect their play much until they reach -3 or higher. Then they start to under-perform a little.

Q: At what point should I start selling off the geezers?

A: Even though they have less of an impact on the game than they used to, they may still do better than less experienced orcs. It's up to you to decide when to bench or sell them. Keep an eye on how well they are doing in-game. That's the key.

Q: Can you give us a rule of thumb?

A: Sure...
Age modifier -1: Not much impact, more of a heads up that this orc has seen some game play.
Age modifier -4: You might be starting to notice a slowdown in the orc's performance, but you might not, too.
Age modifier -7: You've probably noticed a measurable decline in the orc's performance. They might not be done yet, but it might be time to consider retirement.

Q: When do orcs peak with regard to performance in the game?

A: Orcs tend to hit their peak performance at 7th season in a particular position. They continue to play well into their 8th, 9th and even 10th season, but the longer they go, the more closely you should watch them for signs of age.

Q; Can I train my orcs during rollover?

A: No. Training only happens in an active season.

Q: Do my orcs heal or regenerate during rollover?

A: No healing happens in the off-season, but you usually have enough time when the next season starts to get your team back into shape.

Q: If I get a new 25,000 gold loan at the beginning of rollover, does the weekly interest calculation start on it right away?

A: Interest accrues on Fridays for active seasons only.

Q: If I do not take a loan during rollover, is it possible to get one some time during the next season?

A: Yes, but not for 25,000 gold. Your credit line in a season is equal to number of games x 1,150 gold, so at the start of the season, you can get a loan for as much as 24,150 gold (provided you have no outstanding loans). Some opt for this since interest accrues before the first game is played. It works out to be probably a couple thousand in your favor if you don't need the gold right away.

Q: The amount to pre-pay is different from the cost to keep. Why?

A: Prepayment of orcs earns interest. This is figured in to the "amount to pre-pay."

Q: I fully prepaid an orc. Why do I need to pay more now?

A: The amount you prepaid was (unfortunately) based on the orc's skills and experience at that time. As they gain experience or increase skills through training, they will ask for more money. As the team does well, the orcs will ask for more money.

Q: I have an orc who is still tired a few days after the last game of the season. Will he start next season fully recovered, or as tired as he is now?

A: The fatigue carries over, but there should be enough time at the start of the season to allow your players to rest and recover as necessary.

Q: How long can a team sit in hibernation?

A: A team can hibernate forever provided you finish rollover and drafting activities. The team list page will tell you when the team is hibernating versus needing some sort of attention.

Q: What do the clan icons mean?

A: Here are the clan/tribe icons and the skill in which they receive a bonus:

Image Image Six Leaf - no bonuses, no penalties
Image Image Niklbones - bonus to Get
Image Image Joanziz - bonus to Sneak
Image Image Verwin - bonus to Eek
Image Image Three Rivers - bonus to Lose
Image Image Death Blossom - bonus to Pound
Image Image Floyid - bonus to Slam

Any orc that receives a bonus may also have a penalty in a different skill.
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