Orc Sickles fall victim to Orcland Raiders attack

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Orc Sickles fall victim to Orcland Raiders attack

Postby TheIceMage » Wed Jun 18, 2003 3:40 pm

This is Headline News, the best news to read in the head. I'm Norrich Spect with our top story this evening. Team members of the Orc Sickles were the unfortunate victim of an industrial (sized) orccident today leaving four team members dead and all but six wounded. Five of those six were lucky, as they had been given the night off. Headline News correspondent Way Wrong interviewed some of the more coherent team members at the local hospital.

Way: "Can you describe exactly what happened to you?"
Vuga: "Iw wash big. Reeeeeeeeeeally big. An it had numbersh on it."

Way: "I am now moving over to Jifi, one of the team's rookies who looks a
little more awake. In fact, he looks vaguely like a pincushion. Jifi, how
are you feeling?"
Jifi: "I'm feelin this spike right here, and this spike right here, and I
definitely feel this spike right ::grunt:: here. Ouch, man! That ain't
Way: "I feel your pain, man."

Way: "As you can see, they've been worked over pretty completely. Damage estimates are over 4,100 gold right now, but could end up being much higher. Back to you in the studio... Norrich?"

Norrich: Once again, hot on the heels of their 4-3 loss to Gunner's
Mudboggers, the final score was Victor's Orcland Raiders 3, Brett's Orc
Sickles 1. I'm seeing a playoff picture,... and the Orc Sickles are fading
fast from it! ::cheesy newscaster laugh::
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