Spleen ripped from the jaws of defeat!

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Spleen ripped from the jaws of defeat!

Postby Dizzy » Tue Jan 30, 2007 8:53 pm

The first-round novice playoff series between Dizzy's Spleenrippaz and John's Avengers will proceed to Game 3 after a stunning victory by the Spleenrippaz. No one, however, was more surprised by this turn of events than the Overlord of the victors.

In the post-game press conference, Dizzy remarked, "It was an all-out brawl, from the first face-off to the last desperate push by the Avengers. Our third-stringers and bench-warmers were fighting tusk and claw throughout the latter half of the game."

As the third period was drawing to a close, the home-team Spleenrippaz were staring down the rancid end of a 16-13 score. Star Avengers Sivavoo and Soovarghamer had just returned to the pitch to drive the literal spikes into the proverbial coffin, when Qewbfenteux (team leader in picked noses) and Nazneltod (a severely overshadowed centre) managed to win four face-offs and score four 3-pt goals in a row. This performance brought the clock from 3:00 down to 1:42, and the tired Spleenrippaz defense managed to allow only one 3-pt goal before the final buzzer.

"Qewb and Nazzy were definitely the eyes in the skull on this one: we looked dead, but those two were watching and waiting. I tell ya, I just stood agog on the sidelines watching them go. The whole team is celebrating in their honour tonight. ...I'll bail them out in the morning."

This series has been characterized by extreme violence: between the two novice teams in this latest game, officials counted 22 steel spikes and 15 iron spikes. Spleenrippaz stars Nazkerman, Pwakmakhack, and Qulowld are still regenerating after the first playoff game against the Avengers, and are expected to watch Game 3 from within blue liquid goo. The Avengers, who will host the final, bloody encounter, have escaped the cold, spiky touch of death so far.

--Symfiguop, Sporcs Illustrated
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