Violence Greets Overlord's Return From Vacation!

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Violence Greets Overlord's Return From Vacation!

Postby randomluck » Tue Apr 03, 2007 11:02 am

Having returned from a 10 day vacation, Randomluck, overlord of five teams, returned yesterday ready to start the new season. In a display of camaraderie and affection, many of his players met him at the airport with fruit baskets and vegetables in hand. Unable to contain their enthusiasm to be the first to curry the favor of their beloved overlord, they began throwing the fruit and vegetables. Many innocent bystanders were bruised as the flying produce began pelting them.

Exhibiting extreme bravery, Randomluck continued walking calmly as the missiles landed around him. ?I was never worried,? Randomluck said later, ?I figured they were aiming for me and, if you?ve observe their passing stats, you?d realize I was perfectly safe.?

The violent outbreak was quickly subdued by the Denver Police Department, flight attendants, and an unidentified kid with a plastic fork. One source close to the police department spoke with us on the condition of anonymity. ?Mayor Hikenlooper initially wanted the Governor to call up the National Guard fearing a wave of looting, but when we realized we were facing the players from such teams as Three Claws, Black Belt Beaters, and Honest Tricksters, he felt it was overkill. I mean come on! Our secretary is bigger than their entire Defensive First Lines!?

Despite the quick response, some injuries were reported. At least two of the orcs were sent to regenerative chambers after being hit by bottles of water being thrown by angry passengers. ?This is why we don?t allow liquids of more than 3 ounces, it could hurt people!? exclaimed TSA representative Howards when told of the incident.

Orc Wingman Skipopay of the Black Belt Beaters was hauled away and charged with disorderly conduct. Showing obvious remorse for his actions in the incident, Skipopay asked they throw the book at him for his behavior. ?Please, no bail! Throw away key! Don?t make me face Sharp?or Ice?or Brak! It inorcmane! The pain?the pain!?

?The players love me I tell you! Seeing them all there standing waiting for me?shows they can plan, organize, and work together as a team.? Randomluck said at a news conference later. ?I expect great things this season! As for Skipopay, we?ll pay his bail as usual. I can?t wait to get him back on the field and watch the blood flow!?
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Postby TheIceMage » Tue Apr 03, 2007 1:05 pm

I should make a book of the best press releases...
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