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Jugiwyf branded as a serial killer

PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2007 9:36 pm
by ettiene
Police are looking for Jugiwyf who plays for the bluebulls(2). Last night he came on as a 2nd string defender and went on a killing spree. He ended the evening with 6 kills:

2nd period
4:36: Jugiwyf hits Dulynxozics and knocks him out!
4:29: Jugiwyf hits Joopankuff and knocks him out!

3rd period
8:10: Jugiwyf hits Hennperhuz and knocks him out!
4:23: Jugiwyf hits Ykvurgums and knocks him out!
4:12: Jugiwyf hits Cezagle and knocks him out!
1:10: Jugiwyf hits Yeuruphi and knocks him out!

This orc is also known to be the leader of the bash brothers and considered very dangerous. If you have any information on his whereabouts pls do not attempt to apprehend him yourself as he is considered to be very volatile and was last seen armed with a steel spike. Contact the Overlord on 082 Killing Spree. You will be visited by officer Jugi who will take your details and follow up on the information given :twisted: