Fizzingwhizbeez finally Win

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Fizzingwhizbeez finally Win

Postby Tenorprincess » Wed Oct 13, 2004 10:26 pm

Fizzingwhizbees Finally Win!
Orc Center News
Orcina Reporting

"Finally," Says the exasperated overlord at her learning of the news,"This losing streak had to end at some point, and I am glad it happened early on this season, now if only we can keep it up, and If they don't keep it up, will personally knock them down." Says the overlord. :twisted:

The Fizzingwhizbees played today against The BrutalBashers, and bashed them into the dirt 11 ::goldstar:: to 9 ::dog:: . A close win, but a start. One minor setback, the Fizzingwhizbees star center ::goldstar:: Hobvavgain was killed durring the game, but the overlord wasn't worried. "Once he is out of the regeneration chamber he'll be back on the field to kick some more orcish ass! Besides we killed two of em, fair trade I say!"

The Fizzingwhizbees are more optimistic about this season now, and we hope to hear that they are doing well. "Well," The overlord says, "we better, or Hobvavgain won't be the only one in regeneration..." :twisted:

Well, Good Luck to the Fizzingwhizbees ::beer::
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