The Punishing Road to Glory

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The Punishing Road to Glory

Postby vain » Sat Sep 08, 2007 6:58 am

After a long absence from the World of Orc-craft the trainer only known as Vain has stepped out of the shadows and into another season.

The two time Premiership winning team "The Punishers" have secured his services for at least one season with options in the contract for a long term relationship, providing that the Punishers "keep their corporate sponsorship with PureAde, and keep me up to my eyeballs in orcish RotGut and comely and willing orc wimmins. Well as comely as you can get them anyway."

This reuniting of a winning combination has already gotten results with the Punishers defeating the Everyorcs in a close match. While Dan, the coach of the Everyorcs, was unavailable for comment we have unconfirmed reports that this may be the beginning of on-court/off-court rivalry between the coaches.

The final score was 17:16 with the #2 1point scorer and fan favourite Ecluerrf scoring the winning goal.
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