Playing Ett's Team

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Playing Ett's Team

Postby randomluck » Mon Sep 17, 2007 11:41 am

Scene: Play before game 8 where the Honest Tricksters are facing Ettiene?s team.

Coach Buttons: Alright you maggot-infested sons-of-trolls, Listen up! Tonight we face (sniff)?(sniff, sniff) what?s that smell?

Obmakzem: What smell, coach?

Coach Buttons: Can?t you smell it? What, is your nose disconnected from your brain?

Obmakzem: Ohh, dat.. Me got new deodorant.

Coach Buttons: Really? Since when did you start wearing deodorant?

Obmakzem: Since today. It come in gift basket.

Coach Buttons: Gift Basket? What gift basket? What are you talking about?

Obmakzem: It come from Overlord Ettiene. He nice man. Even send instructions on how to use deodorant.

Coach Buttons: What? Is he trying to bribe my orcs. Why I?ll report him to the commissioner. Let me see this basket.

Obmakzem: Here you go. He give one to each player of team.

Coach Buttons: Let?s see here. Thyme, paprika, cinnamon? My god! It?s not deodorant you fools?its seasoning! And this note, it?s a recipe book! Everybody?stop that now! Into the showers! Obmakzem, get moving, quick! It?s almost game time and I don?t want you making the other team hungry! Shoot, I?d already heard Ett deosn?t let his players eat the day before the game, now it all makes sense. Kisrentur, drop that parsley! Erfesgah, get that apple out of your mouth. Yfyk, stop pinning that garnish to your uniform!

Yfyk: But, note say presentation is worth points, coach.

Coach Buttons: That?s on Iron Chef, you fools!

(Ok, so the post is early, but I though it was worth it. Game 8 isn?t till next week, but had to write this.)
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