Party Crashers try to foil Domination perfection

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Party Crashers try to foil Domination perfection

Postby tuneloon » Sun Dec 16, 2007 11:14 am

We've been here before.

In what has been a regular ending to the season, the finals come down to this

Ettiene's Domination vs. Tuneloon's Party Crashers

This marks the fourth straight season that these two have faced each other in the finals. In Novice Division, the Domination took home the title. In Div. IV, the Party Crashers forced a tie in week one as the Domination roller to 20-0-1, only to be upset in the finals by the Party Crashers. In Div. III, the Party Crashers won a nailbiter in game 1 of the season, and the Domination rolled through the rest of the season to take the title back.

And now, they face each other again. This time though, the Domination look like they are going to be really tough to stop. The Party Crashers have 3 losses on the season.... all to the Domination. And these games haven't been very close, as the Domination have won by 22, 14. and 25. One positive for the Party Crashers is that these losses were all in the first 9 games, and the two teams haven't faced each other in nearly a month.

I don't think the Party Crashers have much of a chance, but in this game I've learned..... you never know.

Good luck Ettiene!!
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