That makes sense... Red Dwarves

In your second season, you are in Division IV. Third season teams play in Division III. Fourth season teams play in Division II. Teams that have already played four or more seasons are in Division I. This helps keep the playing field level as your team gains experience.

That makes sense... Red Dwarves

Postby TheIceMage » Wed Oct 03, 2007 12:35 pm

Suddenly it makes total sense to me. Lister's Red Dwarves - one of my Division I teams - has a third of its players in regeneration right now. Of course they do!

Okay, so to be fair to those of you who haven't watched that most excellent series Red Dwarf, Lister is the main character, and he spent an inordinate amount of time in "suspended animation" - stasis, if you will. I think the team is just trying to be like its namesake!
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