This describes the system updates that have been made.


Postby TheIceMage » Tue Jan 22, 2019 7:28 am

[2019-10-05] Fixed a problem with the training assignment page where any attempt to assign training resulted in an error. Nobody reported this. Does nobody use training?

[2019-05-11] The nice thing about having a web host is that you don't have to worry about running servers and stuff. The down side is when they make changes and don't tell you what those changes are, or when they're happening. This recent issue with the site was due to a change from my web host that I wasn't expecting or prepared for. Everything seems to be working again, though if you notice any errors, please let me know!

[2019-04-03] Found out that the new auctioneer was taking bribes. He has been reprimanded and retrained. Gold lost by affected overlords has been returned.

[2019-03-10] Updated the server-side codebase to a more current runtime. The new IDE sure likes to point out bad code. Like a lot.

[2019-03-03] Found and fixed two bugs dealing with how leagues are created. The first created invisible teams that would forfeit every game. The second caused autopilot teams to request activation for the wrong league level. Now league creation should happen more smoothly and more regularly. I also went back in and removed stealth mode from the invisible teams.

[2019-02-21] The two missing assistants have been hired! One isn't as good as the dearly departed assistant, but he'll do for now. Maybe we'll send him to school later. That said, though, OrcSports is back online! (And the new server is just a little bitty thing!)

[2019-02-02] The auctioneer has been properly trained and is performing well in trials. As soon as the two missing assistants are hired, we'll see what he can do with a real live auction.

[2019-01-22] The server was found dead on December 24, 2018. It had been with the game since 2011, so it had a good run. BUT: Long live the server! A new server has been acquired and is being set up. Unfortunately, in the transition, the auctioneer has died and a new auctioneer needs to be trained up. Several assistants have also been taken out and will need to be replaced. HR assures me this training and hiring process is "as streamlined as anything around here."
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