Q4 2000

This describes the system updates that have been made.

Q4 2000

Postby TheIceMage » Thu May 29, 2003 10:51 am

:arrow: Got these to work: Review Bids, Bid History, Team Schedule, Update Info, Trading Cards and Chat. Also built some internal management pages that you won't see.
:arrow: "Smartest Overlords" and "Dumbest Overlords" are functional.
:arrow: "Barracks" is functional again.
:arrow: The conversion is well underway! As you can see, "yourteam" (this page) is working again, and looks very similar to the way it looked under ASP. A couple changes, however: There are three new buttons on the toolbar (at the top of the page) - Coliseum, Update Info and Trading Cards. This allows you to get just about anywhere using the toolbar. Watch for updates on pages that have been converted to PHP over the next several weeks.
:arrow: Started work on putting together the PHP version of the web site after failing to get a scalable ASP installation.
:arrow: The next question to address on the movie playback is the actual size of the movie. I have prepared several different movies of varying sizes. Please watch each, from the too small to the too large and let me know which one you think would work well as a minimum. Each clip is approximately 30 seconds of game time. 5 twips per game foot AVI (65K) 10 twips per game foot AVI (89K) 15 twips per game foot AVI (116K) 20 twips per game foot AVI (158K) 25 twips per game foot AVI (205K) 30 twips per game foot AVI (230K) 35 twips per game foot AVI (305K) 40 twips per game foot AVI (346K)
:arrow: Of the responses I got on the different levels of smoothness, I have decided to go with what most of you said would be good - 3 frames of animation per game second.
:arrow: Please download and watch each of the four sample movies here. They show different levels of smoothness in the game's animation. I'd like your opinion on which you think is the minimum acceptable version. Each is approximately 100 seconds of game play. Here they are: No smoothing ZIP (61K) | AVI (292K) 2 frames per game second ZIP (130K | AVI(580K) 3 frames per game second ZIP (164K) | AVI (835K) 4 frames per game second ZIP (182K) | AVI (1081K)
:arrow: The simulation is getting better as the bugs go away and the players get smarter. Here is the latest movie from the first period of my test game - Team 2 versus Team 11. It's 337 KB zipped. Let me know how it works for you!
:arrow: The game is now being recorded in a movie file as it is being played. Take a look at the first one of these - Team 2 versus Team 1.zip (this contains an AVI file). This file shows about the first 100 seconds of a game. This is really exciting. It means that all of your games will be saved in movie format and made available to you so you can watch the action! This particular movie clip requires a bit of explanation. The first bit of action passes the ball to the left wing of the home team (the home team starts at the bottom). Well, as you know, wings don't know what to do yet, so he just stands there. That's why I recorded a second game, where the action actually moves down the field. Of course, that shows another bug, in that the players don't know how to reset for a face-off after they score a goal.
:arrow: He shoots! HE SCORES! The first pass of the game simulation is nearly complete. Players pass between them, intercept, and shoot the ball. Goalies react and block shots. It's turning into a real game finally!
:arrow: Act routine (the one that makes the orcs actually do what they have decided to do) has been partially completed. Certain actions (No Action, Pick Up Ball, Cover, Run With Ball, Move To) are written and should happen in the game now (though this is yet untested and will remain untested until more pieces are in place). Other actions (Shoot, Pass, Pound, Go To Bench, Fight) are not written yet.
:arrow: Defense decision making routine is finished.
:arrow: Centers now decide what action they want to take. All positions know that if the ball is on the ground, they should try to get it.
:arrow: I have finished writing the routine for a goalie to decide what to do.
:arrow: I have broken up the decision making code (for the players) into four areas - centers, wings, defensemen and goalies.
:arrow: The simulation has made some progress. The teams have shown up and have arranged themselves into lines. The orcs have taken the field. The faceoff ball is thrown, and one lucky orc wins the faceoff. He is now standing there, holding the ball while time runs out in all three periods. Hey, it's progress!
:arrow: Added a display list of the weapons and other things that you will be able to purchase on the black market. I'm open to suggestions for more ideas.
:arrow: Selling equipment works now, too. You still can't use the equipment you buy, but you can sell it for half the price of individual pieces!
:arrow: Buying equipment now works. You can view your inventory of equipment at the Quartermaster's.
:arrow: Added the nifty header to the pages so that you can get around more easily.
:arrow: Code construction of the game simulation has begun!
:arrow: Removed the link to the Chatroom since InstantASP only allows me a limited number of connections, and this would KILL IT!
:arrow: Built the Orcs Chatroom. It's a kindof cheesy, HTML-based chatroom, but it works, sortof. There is the drawback, however, that InstantASP (the ASP page server) limits the number of concurrent connections. What this means is that if you get a message that the number of concurrent connections has been exceeded, you should right-click and choose "Refresh" from the menu. And if there is more than one person in the chatroom, someone's going to get this message. :( I think 2-3 people could chat okay, but beyond that it's going to chew up the connections.
:arrow: The bid processor has been automated. It should run every day around noon now.
:arrow: Added Quartermaster page, but have not yet added functionality. In other words, you can look, but you can't touch.
:arrow: The Team Schedule is ready for your perusal. Your team should be in bold.
:arrow: Added the Team Info page that allows you to change your name, address, password, and team name. This is very important for those of you who signed up before today, since before today, I never required a team name. Please fill one in now if you haven't already.
:arrow: Added the Trading Cards page, which displays your orcs in a convenient, printable format that includes years at position, toughness, stats and cost.
:arrow: I changed the way that the barracks displays. Now it will only display 5 unassigned orcs at a time. This makes it a little less convenient to place your orcs, but it is much more convenient than crashing the server because the number of unassigned orcs got too high. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
:arrow: I have added the image to Homeland and Muster so that you can see orc stats at a glance while shopping for a new team member.
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