Q4 2002

This describes the system updates that have been made.

Q4 2002

Postby TheIceMage » Thu May 29, 2003 10:53 am

:arrow: One-timers added.
:arrow: Add image to vieworc.php for weapons available. Add image for what the orc is currently wearing. Allow the overlord to click on these images to assign the orc's armor/weapons (similar to how the suits are handled).
:arrow: Change orc stats to be on the 1-10 scale. Create some RARE high-stat orcs.
:arrow: Remove "cost" references from assistant
:arrow: Add "beta test" verbage to the main index page
:arrow: Auto-notes
:arrow: Bug with the way the assistant assigns guys to the lineup: It assigns guys who are in prison to playing slots.
:arrow: Training facility tiers (server-side and web interface both)
First tier (all 6 facilities are 1->2 or better):
Training time to go from 1->2 reduced from 6 days to 3 days
Second tier (all 6 facilities are ->3 or better):
Training time to go from 2->3 reduced from 20 days to 10 days
Third tier (all 6 facilities are ->4 or better):
Training time to go from 3->4 reduced from 40 days to 20 days
Fourth tier (all 6 facilities are ->5):
Training time to go from 4->5 reduced from 60 days to 30 days[/list]
:arrow: ReplaceMe might have some minor issues, though seems to be working much better than before.
:arrow: Schedule reorganization: Make it so that you play each team once, then each team back-to-back, preferably not in the same order.
:arrow: Schedule all 21 regular-season games at once.
:arrow: Give the overlord the ability to earmark armor for an orc being bid on. That way, if the overlord wins the bid and doesn't log in until after the game is played, they don't find their new orc dead because he played without armor. Other alternative is to beer-mug the orc in the meantime.
:arrow: Change healing so that orcs heal 1.5x what they currently heal overnight.
Show aging in the barracks somehow
:arrow: Change requirements to go from season 1->2 or 2->3.
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