Q1 2003

This describes the system updates that have been made.

Q1 2003

Postby TheIceMage » Thu May 29, 2003 10:54 am

:arrow: Added transparency to the playback images
:arrow: Added VCR-style controls to the playback
:arrow: Closed a pretty huge hole in the pre-payment page. It seems that if you were to construct a URL just right, you could pre-pay a negative amount of gold for orcs. The prepayment on the orc shows up as 0 because of the database settings, and your treasury goes up by the amount you entered. It was free gold! Well, that's over now!
:arrow: New addition to the rollover pages: Withdrawals! Did you accidentally pre-pay rollover for an orc you don't want to keep? Well, for a modest penalty of 20%, you can now withdraw the rollover prepayment on that orc. See the Rollover page for details (from the Loan Office).
:arrow: Added Age icons to rollover page
:arrow: Fixed notes in barracks so that the note and autonote show up the same way in each section of the page (assigned, unassigned, jailed, regenerating).
:arrow: Fixed the draft page so that the last draft pick you spend puts you back into hibernation
:arrow: Added text to the team list page that tells you what division your hibernating team qualifies for
:arrow: Added a button to the team list page that allows you to request a hibernating team be reactivated to play another season. This is the trigger for the league scheduler to put you into a new season.
:arrow: Changes to orc specifics
:arrow: Determine how to separate overlords into competitive leagues
:arrow: Add standings for my team only
:arrow: Change bug where the home team, when winning the game and there's <60 seconds left, pass the ball back and forth until they get dangerously close to their 3-point goal.
:arrow: Implement long-term fatigue effects
:arrow: Make different "sale" prices and values clear on the vieworc page
:arrow: Add ability for Otto to buy and equip armor
:arrow: Add ability for Otto to set tolerance
:arrow: Add blocked shots to stats
:arrow: The playoffs and finals scheduler has a nasty bug that causes the same team to play three other teams as well as itself on the same game day. This bug was caught and fixed. It won't be having babies!
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