Q2 2003

This describes the system updates that have been made.

Q2 2003

Postby TheIceMage » Thu May 29, 2003 10:55 am

:arrow: Changed the barracks to show the weapons on the orcs who are in the regeneration chamber.
:arrow: The Star Ratings in the Herald have been changed! The page now compares your orcs with other orcs in the league to determine gold and silver stars (and dogs, too).
:arrow: Also modified the Roster, Barracks and even the Trading pages to match the same star ratings as the Herald uses.
:arrow: Changed the way rollover keep cost is calculated for aging orcs. They now get a discount.
:arrow: Added a handful of OrcSports-specific smilies to the bulletin board system. Enjoy!
:arrow: Made a few cosmetic changes to this page and the toolbar that appears at the top of the game pages. This is just the beginning, unfortunately. I'm still not happy with the way the server clock appears.
:arrow: Please take note that the menu buttons at the top of the pages has changed! It now includes a link to Rollover, the Assistant's Office and the Team List (this page).
:arrow: Changed the Armor Protection Rating in the Herald to use the armor icons rather than a rating number. I think it's a little more intuitive.
:arrow: Made changes to the server process to automatically splinter a league when the season is over. By "splinter," I mean that overlords who get draft picks are placed in their own draft leagues. The remaining overlords stay in the same league, but it is converted to a rollover league. The only thing it doesn't do yet is add draft picks to the draft leagues it creates.
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