Q3 2006

This describes the system updates that have been made.

Q3 2006

Postby TheIceMage » Fri Aug 11, 2006 9:22 am

:arrow: Added new orcs to the game
:arrow: Fixed the bug when trying to remove a weapon from an orc (finally!)
:arrow: Fixed the number of minutes required to advance on the "show orc" page
:arrow: Changed the Stats page to say "game" instead of "day"
:arrow: Fixed forum emailing!

:arrow: Taught the autopilot how to use weapons
:arrow: Improved the heading area of the text game
:arrow: Changed the clock display on the text game to min:sec
:arrow: Added final score to bottom of text game
:arrow: Changed the way that goalies are selected for the three-point goal

:arrow: Fixed bug where orcs could end a game with a long-term fatigue higher than 100
:arrow: Added alerts for ties during playoffs/finals to prevent scheduling issues in the future
:arrow: Added an experimental "scout better orcs" page from viewing an orc
:arrow: Added tribe icon to homeland list
:arrow: Added tribe icon to view orc page

:arrow: Added tribe icon to show orc page
:arrow: Added clan effects to the simulation
:arrow: Added clan icon to the barracks
:arrow: Added temporary clan guide as an announcement until mouseovers are working
:arrow: Consolidated divisions II-A and II-B into Division II

:arrow: Consolidated divisions I-A and I-B into Division I
:arrow: Added description of how much gold you get for playing in games to the bottom of the loan page
:arrow: Changed images used on column headers on armor buying page
:arrow: Fixed minor bug with faceoffs where away team would have a better chance with wings than they should
:arrow: Added clan selection ability to homeland searching

:arrow: Added clan effects to looting
:arrow: Changed permissions on forum to allow posts to be edited
:arrow: Changed the assistant looting assignment code to allow more orcs to go to some place other than the slums.
:arrow: Iron, bronze and brass weapons made more resistant to breakage
:arrow: Increased the value for playoff ties (see Market, Loans for details)
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