Q4 2003

This describes the system updates that have been made.

Q4 2003

Postby TheIceMage » Mon Nov 03, 2003 1:21 pm

:arrow: Fixed an error with the scheduler process that was preventing leagues from going into a rollover state.
:arrow: Fixed a minor bug on the text game playback page that was preventing it from being displayed properly.
:arrow: Changed the Schedule page to show 3rd and 4th place team once determined by the playoffs.
:arrow: Changed the League Standings page to show a red highlight on those teams for which it is impossible to make the playoffs.
:arrow: Made a correction to the Team Information page so that it will save your e-mail address and preference. If you went into this screen -- even if you didn't save anything -- please go back and re-enter your e-mail address. Thanks!
:arrow: A beta test report from Someone Who Was Paying Attention revealed an issue with the Prison Time orc changes at the various thresholds. It was found that orcs with skills higher than 5 were not getting their skill reduced as they should be. It was instead selecting a different skill that was 5 or less to reduce. This has been corrected. There is still a bug if the orc gets caught while having one less than the threshold, that orc's stats don't get adjusted. Still on my list of things to do!
:arrow: Slight changes on the Rollover page to help you more easily calculate your overall cost.
:arrow: Made several changes to the server process to improve stability, including queueing e-mail and sending at one time (as the e-mail issue kept hanging up the server), and separating the server process into individual tasks that can be run via the scheduler.
:arrow: Put a new menu into place. The concensus is that the new menu is much nicer than the old, even if it takes some getting used to.
:arrow: I have made some pretty in-depth changes to the selection criteria in the Homeland. You should be able to narrow down your selections much better now. Feedback is appreciated!
:arrow: Changed the ViewOrc page to add historical season stats. This makes the page a bit longer, but allows you to see performance over time.
:arrow: Added the team name to the team deletion confirmation page.
:arrow: Slightly changed the routine that puts orcs into new and draft leagues to help on performance.
:arrow: Added the ability to delete a team that is not currently participating in a league. TEAM DELETION IS PERMANENT AND IRREVERSIBLE!
:arrow: Completed most changes required to automate post-season team handling. This includes sending out e-mail reminders to do rollover, warnings that the team will be lost if no action is taken, and removal of dormant teams. The removal process is presently coded but will not execute until I review exactly what it does when it finds a team to remove.
:arrow: Changed the appearance of the Orcs Name List page because I was getting hits from search engines. Hey - I'll take any advertising I can get!
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