Q2 2004

This describes the system updates that have been made.

Q2 2004

Postby TheIceMage » Sat May 01, 2004 10:23 pm

:arrow: Fixed a very minor bug in the scheduler so that playoff games aren't scheduled for free trial leagues.
:arrow: Added an automated reminder e-mail to overlords who forfeit a game to let them know that their team needs some attention.
:arrow: Modified the rollover page to show orc stats and notes, as well as link to the orc's view page. This is the rollover page when you are actually doing your rollover, not the one that you use to pre-pay orcs throughout the season.
:arrow: Get Silver! When your league finishes, you now receive silver according to your place. 1st place gets 50 silver. 2nd place gets 25. 3rd gets 10. 4th gets 5. Everyone else gets 1 silver. Save 100 silver and get a free season!
:arrow: A new category has been added to the forum for bug reports. If you run into anything out of the ordinary, please make an entry on the message board. Bugs found are worth silver!
:arrow: Modified the main external page to use rollover images and the nifty new picture I received from Brian Booker.
:arrow: Fixed a minor bug in the computer-controlled player where it would not reclaim gold used to pre-pay an orc that it sells during the season.
:arrow: Improved the Autopilot so that it can make use of training facilities. It still doesn't buy them, but it can use them!
:arrow: Changed the autopilot and assistant heal routine to be aware of game days (and heal less if it isn't a game day).
:arrow: Modified the server process to use the built-in scheduler for added stability.
:arrow: Finished automation of the process that ends free trial leagues.
:arrow: Fixed bug where free trial leagues created on a Monday wouldn't open bidding.
:arrow: Modified free trial league creation to show create date.
:arrow: Began experimenting with some Javascript rollovers for the Index page to make it look a little better.
:arrow: Continued work on playbooks. This is going to be a big change, but a great one. It is also going to be a considerable amount of work to put all the pieces in place and test it.
:arrow: Added a New Heading Style to the Pages
:arrow: Created the orcs that will be used in the Free Trial version of the system.
:arrow: Changed team list page to allow members to request a Free Trial season. Still in test stages.
:arrow: Added a page to explain the difference between the free trial version and the full game version of the system.
:arrow: Fixed a bug in the standings page that showed forfeits as wins.
:arrow: Fixed a bug on the standings page that shows a team as mathematically eliminated (shaded) when they aren't quite dead yet.
:arrow: Modified the navigation menu to eliminate the Scouting tab. Homelands and Bids were moved to the Market tab, and Standings and Herald were moved to the Team tab. This should be a little easier!
:arrow: Modified the server process to automatically create free trial leagues when needed.
:arrow: Changed the join process to require a validation code (to verify e-mail address).
:arrow: Made several changes for Free Trial (server process, team list page, your team page, training page, rollover page, loan page).
:arrow: Tuned the free trial league schedule to spread out the events that happen in the first week.
:arrow: Fixed bug in Free Trial seasons that kept the computer player from bidding on orcs.
:arrow: Announcing: Free Trial! To try OrcSports for free, or to play around in a short season, create a new team and click on the green "free trial" button.
:arrow: Made a modification to the routine that sends orcs looting for both the assistant and the autopilot teams such that it does not send overly-tired orcs out (lets them rest a bit).
:arrow: Began experimenting with style sheets. The index page now uses a style sheet, though it is still in its infancy.
:arrow: Changed simulation to award gold to free trial winners, losers and ties.
:arrow: Changed the appearance and content of the System Standings page. The old one was definitely short-sighted.
:arrow: Changed the team deletion process to credit a season if the deleted team had requested activation.
:arrow: Fixed a bug with the payment routine to properly credit the free season on the buy-one-get-one-free offer. This offer has since expired, but may return from time to time.
:arrow: Fixed the e-mail routine to correctly provide the login name on league events. This is an after-effect of combining all a player's teams under a single login.
:arrow: Updated the Standings page to be a little more readable.
:arrow: Updated the Rules page to include both aspects - the player and the game
:arrow: I also made a behind-the-scenes change - the web interface for Playbooks version 1 is about 95% done. I'm really looking forward to incorporating this into the system, as it will add tremendous depth to player control during a game.
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