Q4 2004

This describes the system updates that have been made.

Q4 2004

Postby TheIceMage » Tue Nov 02, 2004 9:42 pm

:arrow: Cleaned up the season stats history displayed when viewing an individual orc on your team.
:arrow: Added a new process to select a random overlord each month and award them a free season.
:arrow: Tweaked the way that star ratings are calculated in the Herald.
:arrow: Added some descriptions to OrcAde, Cherry OrcAde and PureAde to help clarify what each one does. Look under Weapons in the Market for more information.
:arrow: Added mouseover messages on gold stars, silver stars and dogs shown in the barracks to explain their meaning.
:arrow: Fixed a bug in the barracks that calculated gold and silver stars and dogs slightly incorrectly for goalies and defense.
:arrow: Fixed a bug in the team creation process that prevented apostrophes from working in a team name.
:arrow: Added a new Odd Jobs category to the forum to allow people to earn free seasons.
:arrow: Added League Bid Activity Summary to Bids page to show the number of bids being processed each day in your league.
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