This describes the system updates that have been made.


Postby TheIceMage » Sun Sep 11, 2011 7:59 am

Host Change
:arrow: Moved from one host to another and the site got faster. However, the simulation still has problems holding a connection.

Playback Changes
:arrow: Added a quick running score after each goal in the TEXT version of the playback.
:arrow: Rewrote the data retrieval part of the playback to work with the new web host. (The new web host does not support Java servlets, which the old playback used to get its data.)
:arrow: Also got the playback working on IE, Chrome and Firefox.
:arrow: Fixed the playback introduction (names not appearing and position/armor showing up in the wrong place). (This was a side effect of the changes I made for the servlet change.)
:arrow: Added hit counters to the playback!

Game Changes
:arrow: If you pay off your loan (by making an early payment), your next loan is once again at 5% interest. (Did you know that each time you take out another loan, the interest rate goes up 1%?)
:arrow: Made a change to how The Assistant decides looting assignments.

UI Changes
:arrow: Added tooltips to small clan icons, and changed age modifier tooltip to use "overlib" style

Server Process Changes
:arrow: During a prolonged issue with my ISP, I rewrote many of the server processes in C# instead of VB6. For the whole story, see this post.
:arrow: :arrow: Rewrote midnight (Update schedule; Autopilot request activation; Schedule playoffs; Schedule finals; Set up rollover)
:arrow: :arrow: Rewrote 3 AM (Looting; Healing: regeneration; Incarceration; Long-term Fatigue; League Scheduler; Devaluation; Loan Interest Charged; Prepayment Interest Earned)
:arrow: :arrow: Rewrote 5 AM (Autopilot Bail; Autopilot Heal; Autopilot Train)
:arrow: :arrow: Rewrote 9 AM (Training)
:arrow: :arrow: Rewrote 11 AM (Autopilot scouts the homelands)
:arrow: :arrow: Rewrote 2 PM (Auto Align; Auto Armor; Auto Weapon)
:arrow: :arrow: Rewrote 3 PM (Assistant Bail; Assistant Heal; assistant Align; Assistant Put in Regeneration; Assistant Loot Assignments)
:arrow: :arrow: Rewrote 9 PM (Auto Regeneration; Auto Loot Assignments)
:arrow: :arrow: Did not rewrite Noon (Auctions) or 6 PM (Simulation)
:arrow: Fixed a bug in the scheduler that would put leagues into Infinite Double Playoffs Hell (no offense to the Illinois Department of Public Health intended) if it took a team three games to win a series.
:arrow: Fixed a problem with leagues not ending when they were supposed to.
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