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Training + prison time

Postby TheIceMage » Wed Jul 19, 2006 9:59 am

Q: I'm in a novice league. Should I buy training?

A: No! It's really not recommended. You're still building up the essentials.

Q: Do training orcs pay any cost?

A: Orcs in training will get injured, and their fatigue will increase from the training. There is no gold cost once the facility is purchased.

Q: If I buy a Get training facility, how much can I train my orc?

A: The first purchase, costing 4,000 gold, will allow you to train orcs from a skill of 1 to a skill of 2.

Q: How many orcs can I train at one time?

A: Each facility can handle up to 5 orcs, so the maximum you could train at the same time would be 30 orcs.

Q: On the Training page where the players are listed by time played, some of my opponents are in Red text (while mine are Green and most are Black). What does the Red mean?

A: The orc in red is close to attaining the next season of experience.

Q: What happens to an orc who already has more than half the time in training for a skill when the full tier is purchased?

A: On the next training day, the orc's skill would be increased. This can happen even if the orc is not enrolled in any training at that time.

Q: The training page says, "After 10 days in prison, orcs lose 1 from highest of Get, Lose, Eek or Slam." Does this take place when the orc gets his 10th prison day or when he gets his 11th?

A: The tenth day is the trigger.

Q: If more than one of Get, Lose, Eek and Slam are highest and equal, which is reduced?

A: It's random if there is a tie.

Q: Do orcs still loot and play while they are training?

A: Yes. Watch their fatigue levels, though!

Q: Do I keep my training facilities after the season is over?

A: Yes. Training facilities are permanent. And expensive. They are not recommended for novice teams.
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