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Q: This is my first season, but some of the orcs in the homeland have already played. Did they come from other teams or is this "fake" experience?

A: They came from other teams. There is a single pool of orcs that rotate through leagues.

Q: Wait, a single pool of orcs - does that mean I'm competing with every other team in the auctions?

A: No. You are competing only against teams in your league.

Q: Some of them have armor. Do I get the armor if I win them in auction?

A: Yes.

Q: What do orcs cost? What should I expect to pay?

A: That depends on a LOT of factors. To give you an example, I have an Elite team where my most expensive cost to keep is 21,827 gold. The average is 5,341, and median is 3,986. My Division III team has a most expensive player at 7,470, an average of 2,627, and median of 2,187. The computer has a team that made the playoffs in a novice league. The most expensive orc is 946 gold. The average is 322 gold. The median is 214 gold.

Q: Will the orcs in the homelands in my second season be the same orcs as were there in my first season?

A: While there might be some that are the same, most will be different.
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