OrcSports.com Credits

Dawn of Time

Very special thanks to the folks to got me started in the creation of the game:
 Dana Harrod  Eric Scott  Brady Hustad 

Alpha Playtesters

Thanks to the folks who helped me out when the system was just getting started:
 Charlie Abrams-Flohr (Da Blitzed)  Victor Bugg (Orcland Raiders)  Chris Buck (Neanderthals) 
 Douglas Denning (The Black Company)  Jason Gorman (Revolting Slugs)  Steve Hansel (Cute Little Guys) 
 Dana Harrod (Bad Gurlz)  Sherry MacBeth (The Pagans)  Ray Michel (Orc Castrators) 

Game Design, Graphics, Server Programming and Web Programming

Brett Paul

Beta Playtesters

Daniel Allen  Christian Arndt  Henry Dornemann  Mark Nau 
 Dave "Gunner" Ellis  Karen Enney  Linc Enney  Mitch Foster 
 Geoff Hanna  Gil Hova  Katt Jean  Rod Matlock 
 Dave McMillen  Lynn Moore  Gary Pelton  Jerry Pelton 

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