Another Tune vs Ett finals.....

In your second season, you are in Division IV. Third season teams play in Division III. Fourth season teams play in Division II. Teams that have already played four or more seasons are in Division I. This helps keep the playing field level as your team gains experience.

Another Tune vs Ett finals.....

Postby ettiene » Sat Aug 23, 2008 4:46 am

Now here are the type of standings i like

Top 10 Bruisers

Orc Name Knockouts Given Hits Given
Ettiene's Vokfokyi 24 356
Ettiene's Vurqebarc 21 723
Ettiene's Powmikau 13 501
Ettiene's Xunavatga 13 377

Tuneloon's Vaukuegg 8 588
Dread's Sneshaisho 7 787
Annie Heim's Vaookia 6 639
Orc_Captain_01's Fweronujasm 5 530
Annie Heim's Khudsgumburr 5 453
Tuneloon's Skikoynif 5 379

With the semi's being fairly uneventful it is down to the two main contenders in this league.

Ett's Replacements(21-2-0) vs Tune's Wreckless Endangerment(19-3-1)

In season results:
Tune's Wreckless Endangerment 22-21 Ett's Replacements
Ett's Replacements 23-19 Tune's Wreckless Endangerment
Tune's Wreckless Endangerment 25-17 Ett's Replacements

Should be an interesting final. Good luck again Tune 8)
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