Was it worth it?

In your second season, you are in Division IV. Third season teams play in Division III. Fourth season teams play in Division II. Teams that have already played four or more seasons are in Division I. This helps keep the playing field level as your team gains experience.

Was the victory worth the cost???

Poll ended at Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:26 pm

Yes, to die in victory is most honorable
No, one win isn't worth losing that many players
Who cares, when's the rematch? (April 16 & 17)
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Was it worth it?

Postby tuneloon » Thu Mar 19, 2009 7:26 pm

Now that was a game!!!

A Division I game pitting two 3-0 teams against each other going into game 4.

Tuneloon's Flying Butt Pliers AT Kyle's Bluze

The two teams traded shots to open the game before Kyle's erupted over a 10 minute stretch putting them up 17-0 at the midway point of the game

Fawenix hits Kesbunxef and knocks him out!

and the Butt Pliers score to make it 17-1

Fawenix hits Uwzgiyy and knocks him out!
Fawenix hits Vaklezy and knocks him out!
Fawenix hits Gussaqob and knocks him out!

Start of the third period

Fawenix hits Tapotok and knocks him out!
Fawenix hits Iyfluwyn and knocks him out!
Fawenix hits Engjimwu and knocks him out!

Third knockout in the last minute!

and the Bluze score to make it 18-1

Butt Pliers 3 makes it 18-4
Butt Pliers 3 makes it 18-7

The Bluze try to burn some clock, winning the next two faceoffs and hold the ball, running the clock down to 3 minutes.

Butt Pliers 3 makes it 18-10
Butt Pliers 3 makes it 18-13

then just before the 2 minute mark

Fawenix hits Pidmajar and knocks him out!

Butt Pliers 3 makes it 18-16 leading to the faceoff with 1 minute left

Butt Pliers win the faceoff, but the Bluze steal and hold the ball leading to another faceoff which strikes with 15 seconds left on the clock

Butt Pliers win the faceoff and with 5 seconds left on the clock



it's stopped!!!

The Bluze hold on to take game, and head home with a cart full of dead bodies.

Fawenix ended up with 8 knockouts, 6 of which are in the regen chamber, but the Butt Pliers lost the game.

Fawenix awaits the back to back series in games 18 & 19!!!
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War decides not who is right, but who is left.

Postby Dizzy » Fri Mar 20, 2009 10:44 am

War decides not who is right, but who is left.

From Kyle's orcs' perspectives, I say that they done right by them. They sacrificed themselves for the team's victory, with nothing left on the field except blood and sweat. And why not? They go into the blue goo for 15 gold, and in a week they're as right as rain. The Overlord, however, may want to look at his game plan, for now he may be left with just his third stringers and bench.

You might want to check Fawenix' spikes right away: he might have naught but nubs left!
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