Div I League ending 04/06/12

In your second season, you are in Division IV. Third season teams play in Division III. Fourth season teams play in Division II. Teams that have already played four or more seasons are in Division I. This helps keep the playing field level as your team gains experience.

Div I League ending 04/06/12

Postby GlorkagGutripper » Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:48 pm

What a slaughterfest :lol: we hate's them we do defeats Eric's BoneBreakers 27-26 despite a 12-pt push during the final two and half minutes of the 3rd by the BoneBreakers! And this with 8 players of we hate's them we do taking permanent naps under the grass! :shock:

With only one orc bleeding to death on the field, the coach of the BoneBreaker's was asked how could this have happened? His response "The stupid fools were focusing on bashing the opposition into the turf instead of getting the ball down the field. Most of my orcs were laughing at the carnage and not focusing on their play. Only towards the end of the game with a cowering opponent did they even bother to try and score! They lost focus of what they should have been doing---knocking heads together AND knocking the ball into goal." :evil:

Needless to say, we hate's them we do appears to be in for a rough week ahead. The coach of the BoneBreaker's told us that he will gladly accept gifts from those who play we hate's them we do in the upcoming week.
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